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Natural Tofu Cat Litter (Corn) 


Made in China

Capacity: 6L / 17.5L


My Baby Pet Life Tofu Cat Litter, an environmentally friendly product with a fresh scent, is made from natural materials, safe for your family and your cat. Chemical free. Soft and comfortable for your cat’s paws. 


Soybean curb residue, starch, citric acid, food-grade corn flour.

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Dust Free

The granules reduce the amount of litter stuck to the fur or paws. Less tracking and fewer health risks for your family and your cat. 

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High Absorption

High absorption and firm clumps, make cleaning the litter box a fast and easy task.

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Odor Control

Urine is absorbed quickly, and the granules immediately form firm clumps, which help eliminate odors.

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Rapid absorption helps keep your cat’s litter box fresh and dry, minimizing the chance of unhealthy bacterial growth.

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This product is flushable and biodegradable. Flush only one or two clumps down to toilet at a time. Or dispose of in a compost heap or on the garden.

Instructions for use

1.Fill a clean litter box with 3cm of the cat litter. Mixing with the conventional cat litter may help your cat get used to this new product earlier.

2.Scoop out solid waste daily. When the clumps are removed, please refill to maintain a depth of 3cm.

*The clump is flushable. Please flush a limited capacity clump at a time. Drainpipe may block if you flush in bulk.


Please read these instructions to help you use this product safe and correctly. 

This product is use only for cat toilet and not intend to other use.

Do not play with the empty bag by baby, child or pet. 

Store and use this product away from fire and humidity. 

Both humans and cats are prohibited to eat this product. 

Store this product where baby, child, and pet cannot reach it. 


Toilet discipline method 

Put the Toilet in a place where your cat won't feel nervous. 

Lead to the toilet when your cat start to sniff around. 

Please make sure to clean thoroughly wherever outside the toilet your cat sniff around, and to check whether the toilet is clean or not. 

Please praise your cat to help cultivate a good toilet habit.

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